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Did You Know?

  • Geological, geophysical, geotechnical, and historical data and analyses show that the earthquake hazards in Southern Nevada are significant.
  • According to NBMAG/NESC, Nevada is ranked third in the nation for being at risk for large magnitude seismic activity, behind Alaska and California.
  • Nevada is ranked 5th nationally in estimated losses on an annualized basis due to earthquakes (Nevada Earthquake Safety Council, 2001).
  • The Nevada Earthquake Risk Mitigation report
  • emphasizes the need to evaluate system vulnerability for lifeline utilities and bridges, to inventory potentially seismically dangerous buildings, and to develop an integrated approach to seismic design for new construction (Nevada Earthquake Safety Council, 2001).
  • Las Vegas is at high risk for casualties and structural damage from a large magnitude earthquake, due to increased population density. Our buildings are built to withstand the pull of gravity downward but earthquakes move structures in all directions. For more information visit

  • Four people died in the Northridge earthquake because of unsecured building contents such as toppling bookcases. Many billions of dollars have been lost, due to this type of damage. Click here for more information

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