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Outreach In The Community


To educate the general public regarding the earthquake hazards and risks in Southern Nevada and what people can do to improve their chances of survival during and after an earthquake.

What can you expect from outreach?

Our team develops event-specific presentations and workshops to suit the venue and the audience. With the cooperation of faculty and students from UNLV's Civil & Environmental Engineering and Geoscience Departments, we provide information on:

  • Earthquakes and their associated hazards, such as ground shaking, surface rupture, and liquefaction.

  • How structures behave during earthquakes.

  • How to protect your home and your community against earthquake related damage.

  • Earthquake facts about Nevada and the Las Vegas Valley.

  • What you should do before, during, and after an earthquake.

With our computerized shake table, we reproduce the movement of the ground during actual earthquakes, using various models to demonstrate what happens to buildings and their contents. We display samples of preparedness kits, demonstrate home retrofitting techniques, and provide printed information for our visitors to take away.

Our interactive, hands-on activities and displays have been well received at all age levels.

Drs. Luke, Taylor, and Said are all routinely interviewed by newspaper, radio, and television reporters about earthquake hazards and risks for Las Vegas.

2010 Nevada Earthquake Awareness Week


* Photos courtesy of ESN Outreach Team




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The recommendations, suggestions, descriptions, and illustrations provided on this website are intended to improve earthquake preparedness; however, they do not guarantee the safety of an individual, structure, or facility. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the Earthquakes in Southern Nevada Project, and the Principal Investigators do not assume liability for any injury, death, property damage, loss of revenue, or any other reason that occurs in connection with an earthquake or otherwise.