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Safety & Preparedness

Create a family earthquake plan

Earthquakes can strike quickly and without warning. To ensure your family's safety, be sure to create an action plan that includes what to do and where to go after an earthquake. Also, work with your family to ensure that your home is
properly prepared for an earthquake by looking for hazardous items in your home such as unsecured water heaters or heavy objects near beds. Be sure to secure TV's and bookcases to walls.

Prepare & maintain emergency disaster kits

After an earthquake, you won’t have time to shop or look for food and supplies. By gathering your food and supplies in advance, you will be prepared to face an evacuation or the possibility of being trapped in your home for several days.

What to do when an earthquake occurs

During a major earthquake your first actions are vitally important. Act immediately if you feel the ground or building start to shake. Remember that the greatest danger is from falling debris. Follow the drop, cover, and hold method.

What to do after an earthquake

Once the immediate earthquake shake is over, you will then have to live with the after effects. Electricity, water, transportation, emergency services, and other essential systems could be down for several days. Protect yourself and family by staying informed.


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The recommendations, suggestions, descriptions, and illustrations provided on this website are intended to improve earthquake preparedness; however, they do not guarantee the safety of an individual, structure, or facility. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the Earthquakes in Southern Nevada Project, and the Principal Investigators do not assume liability for any injury, death, property damage, loss of revenue, or any other reason that occurs in connection with an earthquake or otherwise.